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Air Tech Replacement Parts (International Shipping)

Collector Cell

Generic Electrostatic Collector Replacement Cell
Voltage: 5-6 KVDC

Ioniser Cell

Generic Electrostatic Ioniser Replacement Cell
Voltage: 10-12 KVDC

We provide high quality replacement parts for Air Tech brand of Electrostatic Precipitators.


Where do you ship?
We ship worldwide. Please email us at for a quotation. If possible, please attach a picture with your part no., along with your shipping address.

Where are these produced and what is the quality like?
The parts are produced in China. We use top grade material such as aircraft grade aluminum, stainless steel 304, miltary grade insulators to ensure that the quality meets or exceeds that original.

Whats the pricing for these items?
A collector cell is sold for roughly $950 dollars by suppliers - we can provide significant discounts to that price, especially if there is a larger order.

How long will a cell last
A cell can typically be used for >2 years. This is assuming normal wear and tear such as monthly cleaning and maintenance.

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We are on call 24 hours, Monday - Sunday.

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Tel : +852 2635 2268


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